Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fire and Water Info Emergency and Drought Conditions

As of July 1, 2014 the San Diego Fire Rescue Dept. has a pilot program in Encanto with a Fast Response Squad (FRS). It is a two person crew, one of whom is a paramedic. Known by call sign Squad 55, they can assess and treat a patient prior to arrival of an ambulance +/or fire enguine. It cares a small amount of water or foam to begin firefighting, but doesn't have the capability to attach hose to a hydrant. Staffing is seven days a week, 8am-8pm at 6135 Imperial Avenue. The Encanto neighborhood was identified as an area that is underserved by the existing fire station distribution. This is a PILOT program. If successful, it may be expanded to other areas of the city.

Mission Trails had a small fire recently. If it happened in our area, would you be ready?
It's going to be another tough fire season with the drought continuing.

How Can I Prepare? - developed by the Farm and Home Advirsor's Office, UC Cooperative Extension, County of San Diego and with funding from Board of Supervisors and County of San Diego

Fire Safety Education -
CAL FIRE - Fire Safety Education

Ready Set Go - this was the guide at the July Meeting.
You can view the info at: Wildfire is Coming. Is Your Home Protected? Forest Fire Safety Tips

Ready Set Go! Wildfire Action Plan

Just the Defensible Space Flier - Quick Checklist
en espanol
Make Your Home FIRESAFE - A Quick Checklist (Espanol)

Homeowners Checklist  factsheets -2 page guide

CAL FIRE's Ready Set Go Video - Wildfires . Not a question of IF, but a question of WHEN.
VIDEO on YouTube

Wildfire Zone Cards

Summer Storms During or After Info - old but helpful- lightning, electrical safety, gas safety, chemical safety, heating safety, generator safety.

Brush Management and Weed Abatement:
Brush Management and Weed Abatement | San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

On City owned open Space land:

Brush management on City-owned open space land: City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, Brush Management Section (619) 685-1350. and-recreation/

Watch video about Brush Management

Most of Emerald Hills / Encano Area is Considered Official Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (grid 16 of the City of SD Fire-Rescue maps)

Creating a Fire-Safe Home - Defensible Space videoWildfire Zone

quiz online -Before the Fire

Homeowners wildfire assessment online

Prevent Runoff Pollution

Report Stormwater Violation

Fire-Resistant California Friendly Plants

Homeowner's Guide to Fire and Watershed Management at the Chaparral/ Urban Interface- 90 pgs. detailed info

Save Our Water

Calculate Your Water Use at Home

Saving Water,Inside & Out

Build a Beautiful Water-Wise Garden

California Native Plant society

Master Gardener Association of San Diego County

The Water Conservation Garden

San Diego Horticultural Society

Fire, Plants Defensible Space - County of San Diego info  (BW, 18 pgs, includes plants list)

Emergency Notification System

Self Registration Instructions

Because the system uses 9-1-1 telephone databases, only land-line numbers are in the system. If you have a Voice over IP (VoIP) or cellular telephone and would like to be notified through that device, or if you would like an email notification, you must self-register those telephone numbers and/or email address with the system.
To register your VoIP telephone, cellular telephone, or email address, and to view the Frequently Asked Questions for more information, please click on the link below.
If you registered with the City's previous emergency notification system (i.e. Reverse 911®) before or on January 22, 2009 your data is already loaded into the Alert San Diego system.
Self Register for Alert San Diego
Self Register for Alert San Diego

Information requested or shared at the July Emerald Hills Neighborhood Council Meeting

A representative from Fire- Rescue came to remind us that it is always Fire Season in San Diego, especially with the current drought.

 Please create the 100 ft boundary around your home, whether you live along a canyon's edge or not. An ember from a fire can easily travel a half mile or more..

How Can I Prepare?

Defensible Space Information Flyer download -

Wildfire Preparedness Guide download -
Offers info about preparing for disasters, creating a defensible space on your property, landscaping to reduce fire risk, fire-resistant plant guide, steps to safeguard your home or business, important emergency info and more.

Wildfire Zone info for more details:

Image of AlertSanDiego 


A request was made about the Emergency Notification System in case of fire or other emergencies.
Here are the details:
If you were registered prior to 2009 with your landline phone, you should be ok.
If you're not sure - you can self-register online.
If you have a VoIP telephone, cell phone or email address that you want listed , click below

Emergency Notification System | Office of Homeland Security   City Info
Sign up at:

ReadySanDiego - AlertSanDiegoAccessible AlertSanDiego Logo

There is also the Accessible AlertSanDiego for deaf, blind, hard of hearing and deaf/blind before, during and after a disaster.
Accessible AlertSanDiego sends accessible alerts and information to internet and video capable devices, such as computers, cell phones, smart phones, tablet computers, and wireless Braille readers. These alerts are offered in American Sign Language (ASL) with English voice and text. 

Check the Accessible AlertSanDiego box during registration to receive AlertSanDiego notifications in accessible formats.

En Espanol:

Registrese ahora para recibir notificaciones de AlertaSanDiego!

There is also an APP for San Diego County - Android and iPhone
.ReadySanDiego - SD Emergency App

San Diego Firezone Map - San Diego CITY 

Youth Summit 12pm at the Library Aug. 30th

August 30
The You Speak! Youth Summit is an event designed to give youth the opportunity to voice their concerns about our community through various talents. They have 3-5 mins to do spoken word poetry, rap, sing, dance, or speak thier thoughts on the state of thier community. We want to encourage youth that they have a voice too and that it is them who will conceptualize what we will be as a community of Black and Latino peoples.

The goal of this event is to honor the talents of our youth and give them a chance to be heard. My hope is that from this event, the community leaders will have some idea of what needs to be implemented in the near future for our children and thier children to succeed.

To sign up or for more information please call 619-327-8846.